Saturday, February 27, 2010



I renamed him Alexander The Great! aka Xander =)

I LOVE MY NEW HORSE!!!!  My heart is beyond grateful for the love and gratitude I have for my beautiful new boy... Thank You Nancy for everything!!! And my dear friend, Kathy, spent the day with us grooming Lancelot for over 2 hours!  I wouldn't have him without my sweet husband's love & support... I am one blessed girl... XO

Xander first day home... xoxo
I  Love My New Boy!
My sweetheart & little bro Jeff preparing his stall.

Bonding... xoxo

What a beautiful boy!

We had a barn full of family & friends... We're say ing "hi" to Flash xo

Sweet Nancy, my new best friends & Xander xoxo

My dear friend Kathy spent over 2 hours turning Xander into a show horse!  THANK YOU Kathy!!! =) XOXO

Getting ready for my first ride, he's out of shape... but not for long! ;)

My New Love! XO

He's such a Gorgeous Boy with an amazing puppy-like personality!

Mr. Beautiful!


Thursday, February 25, 2010



I'm sooo EXCITED to announce that we'll have a new family member this weekend... His name is Lancelot!!!  I can't believe how magical my journey was that lead me to him. I not only found the horse of my dreams but I also made a new lifelong friend whom I've come to love dearly; Nancy is a gift for heaven ~ literally!  Words are unable to express the gratitude that I have for her.  She is truly an angel on earth...  I'm grateful beyond measure for the Lord's beautiful answer to my prayers... Miracle never cease...

We pick him up on Saturday!  I feel like a child at Christmas time, I can hardly wait to bring him home!!! I'm honored to have him as part of our family.  His spirit is powerful, tender & magnificent!  We will cherish him always & forever... XOXOX

Sunday, February 21, 2010




Whitaker Stables offers Horseback Riding lessons specializing in Hunter Pleasure, Dressage, Equitation, Natural Horsemanship, Western & Riders Fitness. You can trailer in your horse or use mine. I can also come to your barn if located in UT Valley.


* Learn all about your horse from the ground up through Natural Horsemanship.
* Learn how to easily train your horse with love, kindness & reward.
* Learn the basics of correct English riding through Classical Dressage.
* Learn how to understand horse language to have their respect & trust.
* Learn how to ride with a deep seat to be a safer rider.
* Learn how to ride correctly with soft, quiet hands and a balanced seat.
* Become a stronger, more self-confident rider by learning Riders Fitness.


•$40 an hour for ages 16 and up
•$30 an hour for ages 8 to 15
•$25 an hour for group & family lessons (2-3 students)
•$25 for half-hour lessons

By learning proper riding techniques you will connect on a deeper level with your horse and you will feel empowered! I can assist you in achieving your equestrian goals in a fun, relaxed way that will improve your skill sets.

Please contact Carol for more information at 801.358.0202 or email at ~ Thank You!

Saturday, February 20, 2010



Ever since my prize show horse, Flash, was diagnosed with arthritis in one of his hocks ove a year ago I've been so sad. I love riding him but each time I do he comes up lame (even with Bute) and the Cortisone shots didn't work at all. His hock is 1/2 way fused so he's mending slowly; but unfortunately, it's a long recovery. It breaks my heart knowing that he's in pain each time I ride... Financially we've been tight due to the economy so I put my dreams on hold... But deep down I know that I need another best friend to love, train & show to truly fulfill my hearts desires especially while Flash is healing.

As the economy began to improve thoughts of Friesians started pulling at my heart agian intensly! I kept putting my passion of owning another Friesian to the side, until recently when we began getting calls for build jobs again; needless to say that rekindled my fire to pursue my love of having another spectacular Friesian as part of our family.


Well, after months of searching for another best friend to love, train, show & spoil to pieces I finally found a majestic Friesian that I can afford that has truly captured my heart! And best of all he's located near me! I spoke with his current mom last night, she's ADORABLE!!! We had a ball getting to know each other and learning about her beautiful boy. I was on cloud-9 knowing that Heavenly Father had indeed answered my prayers by guiding me to the seller...

After we spoke I ran downstairs to tell my sweetheart, as always he totally supported me; he is my Everything! He always understands and supports my passions in life, especially of owning another Friesian. Then I called my bookkeeper to discuss our finances, it turns out that (we're self employed) our taxes took up more of our savings than anticipated... I was heart broken... But I firmly believe that everything that is meant to be will be and always works out in the end.

After I spoke to our bookkeeper I emailed the seller again to let her know of my current situation... I was so hoping to go see Mr. Beautiful today, but I don't want to get my heart even more attached to him just in case she sells him before I can afford to buy him.

So with that said, I'm putting it out there with joy and excitement that I'll get a lot more horse riding students, fitness clients and a new custom home build job so I can buy my new best friend very soon! I firmly believe I will make a lot more money this month so I can bring home my new best friend by the first of March.

I believe in my dreams, set goals & work hard to achieve my dreams & goals and allow all good & abundance to come into my life! =) I know that with love & gratitude all things are possible and that dreams really do come true! =) xoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I couldn't imagine my life without my precious family & horses.  I have always loved horses... When I was 2  years old my mother couldn't find me one afternoon, she soon had a knock at the door to see me in hand with a back yard neighbor that had horses.  The kind neighbor told my mother that she found me petting the hind leg of her horse in her pasture... and the rest is history...

I now own a barn called Whitaker Stables. I give horseback riding lessons specializing in Classical Dressage, Equitation, Hunter Pleasure and Natural Hormanship.  My horses are truly part of my spirit, they ignight a fire within me like nothing else on earth.

I'm grateful for my loving husband who supports my love of horses, he made my dreams come true on so many levels...  He built our barn just for me... A literal dream come true!

Below are some pictures of my world... I hope you can feel the joy, love and happiness that we share both at home and at the stables... I love life & live each day to the fullest by living in a state of gratitude for the many wonderful blessings in my life...


Below is my best friend, Flash, he's such a character... In this picture he's trying to drink my Liv Sxinney... LOL... he's such a puppy dog!

This picture was taken the day we sold Xavier... This is Lindsey Mae on her beautiufl horse Ellie
This is my cousin getting loves from Flash.

Lindsey & Ellie....

This is Page & I with my dear friend Jennifer & Kid.
Xavier & I! =)
Flash & I training last year, he is so much fun to ride!

Flash is peaking his head out of his stall to say Good Morning Mom! xo
Art work done by Paul Gold of Triple Crown Studios. Jeff & our dog, Chance
Erika & I taking a stroll with our babies going up the street on a warm winter's day...

Page & I doing a modeling shot for Powder River.
Flash & I at a show.
Flash at the hospital and first day home after having colic surgery.  xox
I took this picture of the breathtaking sunrise ~ I call it "Heaven's Gift"My daughter and her horse, Page.. xoxo
Me giving riding lessons in our arena.
Flash & I ~ An image taken by my oldest son... xo
Flash giving my oldest son kisses in our barn. Flash and I having fun in our arena.
Our barn...Our arena behind our home.Flash & I! He's such an incredible horse! xo
Flash and Page in their stalls...My sweetheart and I xoxo
My kids & Lindsey giving Flash lots of TLC...My barn & home...Flash & Page...
My beloved Xavier... I miss him dearly...Xavier ater a good ride...I love my horses!!!! My son & niece hanging out with Xavier.My daughter on Xavier...

My barn during construcion.  We bought the lot behind our home for our horse property, demolished the house and build our barn!
My son and his friend playing with Page in our back yard... =)
My Daughter Jumping Pagie Girl, her best friend forever...
Rosa, my daughter's barn cat... xo