Sunday, March 6, 2011



Whitaker Stables offers horseback riding lessons in Utah County specializing in English, Western, Equitation, Natural Horsemanship and Riders Fitness. We have a lot of fun in our barn.  You can trailer in your horse or use mine. I can also come to your barn if located in Utah Valley.


* Learn all about your horse from the ground up through Natural Horsemanship techniques.

* Learn how to easily train your horse with love, kindness & reward.

* Learn how to train your horse on the ground for a safer more respectful horse.

* Learn how to properly groom and care for a horse.

* Learn the basics of correct English riding through Classical Dressage.

* Learn how to understand horse language as well as how the horse reads your body language to earn their respect & trust on the ground and under saddle.

* Learn how to be a leader, to be Alpha when you ride.

* Learn how to properly balance your body on your horse to be a safer rider.

* Learn how to ride correctly with soft, quiet hands and a balanced seat.

* Become a stronger, more self-confident rider by learning Riders Fitness.

By learning proper riding techniques you will connect on a deeper level with your horse and you will feel empowered!  Riding horses is very therapeutic, great exercise and is highly rewarding.  You will feel free from worldly cares while in our barn.  It's a lot of fun to learn how to train a horse with kindness and reward.


$25 for a half-hour lesson
$45 for a one hour lesson
$25 each for a group one hour hour lesson

Space is limited, please contact Carol at for time and availability.

Thank you!

Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor