Saturday, October 15, 2011



Dreams are magical, especially when you dream about horses.  I have always set my intention and dreamed big dreams.   And each time my dream literally comes true!  Each horse in my life began with a joyful dream, it was truly miraculous each time I realized that tender mercies from above were playing an intricate part in bringing my dreams to fruition.  It's truly magical each step of the way...

My heart is always filled with love, appreciation and joy for those that come into my life in which to play their role in manifesting that which my heart desires.  It's remarkable to see the beautiful miracles that transpire each and every day as I stay focus on my dream with hope and faith that it will come true!  

My biggest dreams other than being a loving wife & mother was to have a barn in my back yard filled with the most amazing horses ever.  Each time I felt the call of my horse's spirit I knew that it was time to look for him/her and bring them home.  It is awe-inspiring to feel the power of a horse's spirit calling out to you...

If your dream is to own your a majestic equine friend, then follow your dream, believe that all things are possible.  If you can't afford a horse then take lessons or offer barn services so you can be around them.  And when the time is right and you hear him/her calling to you move forward with faith and begin to dream big dreams!  Then realize that you can have the horse of your dreams and that you are deserving to have that which your heart desires.

At first it may seem unattainable, but if you prayerfully focus on having your dream horse each day and feel as though you already had him/her, you will begin to attract that which is needed for your dream to come true.  Always give thanks as you begin the journey to manifest that which you desire.  Before long the gift of divine intervention will begin to take place and synchronicity will play an active role in making your dream horse your reality!  Be happy and trust in your creative powers, it's a magical experience!

So dare to Dream Big Dreams!  Believe in all that you are and relish in the love & spirit of the magnificent horse... for they are truly God's greatest gift to us to love, embrace and to learn by. 

~  May all of your dreams come true ~

~Carol Whitaker

Saturday, October 1, 2011


My Miracle Friesian, Xander


When visitors come to my barn they often comment on how peaceful it is, as though all their cares melted away... I also have calming peace & serenity each time I'm in our barn and loving on my beautiful equine family members.  Our visitors and riding students also mention how much they love how they feel when they're around my horses; their stress subside and they become happier and more relaxed as we laugh and visit together.  As they pet, groom and interact with my sweet horses they feel the love, joy and happiness as their mighty spirits,  as their spirit touch and filled with love & light from above. 

It's truly magical for me to see the joyful expressions on each persons face as they spend time with me and my equine family members, it reminds me how gracious the Lord is in caring for each of us and for the magnificent horse which he created for us...  The horse has an incredibly powerful spirit.  They are the greatest gift to man on earth next to love of a family and being close with the Lord.  People do not often realize just how mystical the horse's spirit truly is. 

A horse is not like any other animal on earth.  It is innately designed for us in stature, love, dedication, loyalty and in spirit.  A horse's love and bond for you is eternal.  A horse has a memory second to the elephant, they remember everyone that has touched their lives in an intimate way.  You can love and bond with a horse and then sell it... if you see that horse 20 years later he/she will still remember you and will come running to you if you had a beautiful, loving connection together.


Horses personalities are endearing, just like ours, they have very tender feelings actually, they feel sad or jealous if your attention goes to one of their barn buddies, they get anxious and scared, they are full of love and compassion, they love to play and have fun, they love to be loved and most of all if you love them with all your heart they too will give their heart & soul to you, they will do anything they can to please you.  They will even literally run themselves to death for you if needed, just as they did in time gone by when ridden in the old wild west.  Horses are very much like dogs, they are indeed our best friend.

The spirit of the horse is huge! All animals make us feel better when we're around them because they soak up and eliminate negative energy and stress from us and replace them with vibrant, loving energy.  All animals do, however, the horse's spirit is so big that it soaks up that much more and brings out the child playful, carefree side of us, where dreams are made of...


Horse's are also extremely intuitive, they can read the energy of your thoughts, emotions and body language better than you can.  They know when you're happy, joyful, tired, sad or stressed.  They will always lighten your spirit and help release your negative energy with the pure love they have for you. 

If you treat your horse with the love, kindness, respect and care as you desire to have in your life from your loved ones then you will create a spiritual bond that can never be broken.  You will be a better team together on the ground and under saddle, you will also become one in spirit ~ that is when the true magic happens...  However, if you mistreat your horse in anyway or try to bully him/her into submission you are literally breaking your horse's spirit and he/she will only do what you ask out of fear--not love or trust--just as you would if you had a parent that beat you... your love, respect and trust would be destroyed. 

YOU can create an eternal relationships with your beautiful horse if you put the time and energy into creating a trusting friendship of love, training & care each day.  In turn you will receive the same loyalty of love and devotion from your horse as you continue to build your unbreakable bond with each other.  When your horse bends down and breathes in your essence nose to nose that is a deep spiritual connection that is priceless... relish in his/her love, that is a great honor, that indicates that your horse truly loves and trusts you fully.  My Friesian, Xander, does it to me every day, I love it so much!

So next time you are honored to share your life with a horse, give him/her a big hug and say "Thank You!"  Your horse was literally created for you!  To bring you immense joy, peace and happiness to enrich your life by loving you...
~Carol Whitaker