Thursday, November 10, 2011



Ster Friesian Stallion at Stud
FRSH Sport Friesian Horse
FHANA Ster Friesian Stallion
Registered Name: Harold v.R.
Out of world champion Sape 381
Dam, Maaike Wimke K. Ster
Two Time Grand Champion * Over 16.1 hh * 3rd Level Dressage * Grand Champion at Driving

~ Video of Apollo Under Saddle & Driving ~

We are sooo excited to have Apollo finally home!!!  He is already a member of our family.  He is literally a gift from above.  He has the most amazing puppy dog like personality.  He's full of love and affection, and he adores people. 

Everyone keeps asking why I sold my sweet Xander whom I loved dearly as well.  I did so because the spirit told me to. I literally felt impressed to call and ask my dear friend, Michelle, if she wanted to buy him, and when I did and she said "yes" I was shocked!  She and Xander love each other very much, Michelle has been taking lessons on him for almost a year.  I always felt deep down that he would be hers someday, I just didn't think it would be so soon.

I soon came to realize that I had to walk in faith to make it through selling my beloved Xander without having another Friesian in mind.  I knew that I was leaning a beautiful life lesson on faith, so I began searching the internet for hours at a time hunting my equine soul-mate.  

After a week of searing I began getting worried that I wouldn't be able to find another majestic boy that had the looks, talent and personality I was looking for.  I couldn't find any that I really liked.  Then I turned to the Lord and asked him to direct me to my new equine family member that was calling to me.  I found Apollo's ad soon after.  I had always said that I wanted a Friesian stallion, but didn't think it was possible to have anytime soon ~ boy was I mistaken.

When I saw Apollo's ad I felt strongly that he may be "the one".  After I spoke with his owner I knew he was the one!  Well, the rest is now history... The photos of us are the day after we brought him home.  Our spirits united instantly!  He is a dream come true in every way.  I marvel at all the miracles that took place for him to become ours, he is a treasure and is a blessing to our family in unmeasurable ways.

I am incredibly thankful beyond expression for the gift of Apollo.  As I always say... Dream Big Dreams! Dreams Really Do Come True!... If you believe! :)  Xox

~Carol Whitaker