Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Trick training horses is a lot of fun and highly rewarding.  It's wonderful to spend quality time with your favorite equine family member & friend.

I have been blessed with amazing Friesians that love to do tricks, each of my horses have learned to bow within a couple of hours.  I love teaching them to bow for several reasons, it creates a deeper bond with my horses, it stretches out their topline and back, and it teaches them how to use their thinking part of their brain as well… and not to mention it’s a blast to have your horse do tricks for entertainment for horse lovers and enthusiasts alike.

I’m constantly asked how I teach my horse how to bow so fast and easily.  I have to give most of the credit to my horses, they’re very intelligent and Love to please me, they always give their all and they have love earning treats too. 

It really is so much fun to show off your beautiful horse by doing the bow, especially by voice command, when people come to visit, everyone loves to see horses do tricks.


For starters, to prevent your horse from backing up keep a whip in your hand and when you ask your horse to bow and if she begins to back up just tap her hindquarters and tell her "NO", she's not being bad she's just confused.

Reward her with her favorite treats and always give her tons of praise when she tries even a little and does what you ask. Remember horses natually want to please us, and receive praise just as you and I do, so be patient and enjoy every minute of training with your beloved equine friend.

To begin training the bow go into an arena or round-pen and take the halter off where there aren't any distractions. Have a lead rope handy as well.  For starter put our hand with a treat down in front of your horse's front legs and say "bow" when she reaches for it, give it to her and praise her.   Do that a couple of times, then when she reaches effertlessly hold your hand back a bit farther between your horse’s front legs and say “bow”, when she reaches down for it praise her and give her the treat.  Each time, ask her to "bow" and put your hand a little farther back; when she reaches your hand give her the treat.  

After doing that a several times times and she gets the idea, you will know by when she lifts her left foot naturally to reach back farther, tie a lead rope around her pastern.  This time when you as you ask her to “bow” lift her foot up and back gently and hold your hand with the treat back farther, each time she reaches your hand praise her lots & lots, and then give her the treat. Always make it fun and do not ever get mad if your horse doesn’t understand at first, with practice and daily persistence she will.

Do the above several times using the lead rope as an aid, as soon as she understands what you are asking for untie the lead rope and take it off her leg.  Then reach back under her again with a treat in hand and say "bow", hold the treat back far enough that she has to actually try to bow to reach it, as soon as she lifts her foot up and back even a little as she reaches for the treat praise her and give her a treat.  Just as before have her reach back farther until she actually has to kneel to reach the treat. 

Once you get that far stop for the day and love on her like crazy.  Do not exhaust your horse, only train for about 10 to 15 minutes, always end on success and praise.  If she doesn’t get it the first day, no worries she will within time.  Resume the same training until she bows by voice command.  Use the a lead rope around your horse’s pastern for an aid if needed until she understands that she has to balance herself and kneel down to reach the treat.

You can also tap her shoulder and say “bow” as well if you would like her to learn a physical aid as well.  As she becomes better at it she will bow by voice command or by tapping on her shoulder, at that point you give her a treat after she completes the bow fully. 

Keep me posted on your horse’s progress with updated info of your horse’s progress and photos, and I’ll post them on my blog & Facebook Royal Grove Stables page, and if you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Good luck & Happy Training! :)

~Carol Whitaker
Royal Grove Stables

Friday, December 16, 2011


Royal Grove Stables proudly presents our imported
Ster Friesian Stallion, APOLLO, at stud.


* 20% OFF STUD FEE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ~ thru December 31, 2011 *
Purebred & crossbred breeding, now booking for 2012 ~ A.I. breeding only
* FHS Preliminary Approved Breeding Stallion
* FSA Provisionally Approved Breeding Stallion
* KFPS/FHANA Ster Friesian Stallion
* Grand Champion on Keuring In-Hand and Driving
* FSHR Friesian Sport Horse
* IFSHA Show horse

$1,000 Stud Fee ~ $800 CHRISTMAS PRICE
$250 Booking Fee (goes towards stud fee)
$150 Collection Fee
$100 US FedEx Overnight Shipping Fee
Refundable Deposit for Shipping Container

* Registered Name: Harold v.R.
* Dutch FPS, FHANA, USDF Registered
* Black Homozygous
* Over 16.1 hh * 3rd Level Dressage * Drives
* Dutch FPS & FHANA registered

* Memberships: FHANA, USDF, IFSHA ~ All are in Good Standing

Apollo foaled 2002 and was imported from Holland 4 years ago. He is modern built with long legs, short back, gorgeous chiseled head with large soft eyes and small tippy ears.

He has fairytale looks with tons of hair and movie-star looks and a huge presense. He has an amazing personality and is a true gentleman. He is the epitome of the Friesian breed with his uphill conformation with a huge presence.

Apollo is extremely athletic and is highly talented in dressage & was a Grand Champion at Keuring in driving. He is very confident and loves to show off whenever he can.

Apollo is out of KFPS World Champion, Sape 381. Dam is a purebred Friesian, ster + preferent.

Apollo was imported from Holland 4 years ago. He received his Ster rating in Holland and was invited to be Keured to become a KFPS Approved Stallion after coming to the states. He then received his FHS Preliminary Approved Stallion and was Grand Champion at the Keuring in US & Canada.

Apollo throws gorgeous bight eyed, highly intelligent and athletic foals. Their long legs, short back and upright conformation and beautiful soft eyes makes them highly desired & breathtaking.

Apollo has amazing suspension and is very forward moving. He is extremely intelligent and is a quick school in dressage. He is now training 3rd level. He has exceptional work ethic and always gives his all in training and the show ring. His personality is like a puppy dog very fun, playful, loving and loyal.

For more pictures & videos of him under saddle and driving please visit our website or call us at 801-358-0202.  Thank you! 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Are you your horse's best friend?  Do you want to be your horse’s best friend?  Do you want your horse to want to be with you more than anyone else? 

To know how your horse feels about you pay attention to his/her body language. Is your horse the first to greet you at the barn?  Dos your horse follow you without a halter and lead rope?  Does your horse back up and allow you to feed him while waiting for your approval to eat? Does your horse stand still when you get in the saddle? Does your horse blow in your nose to take in your true essence? Do you ride in harmony with your horse by steering your horse with your seat and NOT with heavy hands on the reins? 
If you answered positively to these questions then congratulations, you have a deep bond and endearing relationship with your horse!  You have established an alpha role of trust, respect and companionship with your precious equine friend with both your spirit and your horse.  Horses are just like you and I, they desire leadership, they need love, they crave attention, want companionship and they want to be able to trust and respect their leader, always.
If you find that you struggle in any of areas mentions then spend more time on the ground with your horse.  One of my favorite ways to establish leadership is free lunging my horses and practicing the art of communication with my body language.  It is an awesome feeling to have your horse following you around like a puppy dog, and to know that nothing on earth can come between the love between you and your trusted friend. 
The relationship you have with you horse can truly be magical and rewarding on every level.  Become your horse’s best friend and in return your horse will devote his life, love and soul to you.  
Thanks for reading… until next time happy trails!
~Carol Whitaker

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sharing time just hanging out with your horse and going out on peaceful hacks on the trails makes for a happier, healthier horse both in mind and spirit.  I know too many horse owners who just train their horse and put them away in their stall, as though they were a car or a commodity and then they complain that their horse is ring sour…

When I first get a horse before I ever even think of saddling him I always spend time with him in my arena bonding with him.  Just as I did with my Friesian Stallion, APOLLO, I let him smell me and take in my breath as he reached down with his gorgeous head and breathed in my nose.  I then free lunge him to let him know that I AM ALPHA MARE! 

Each of my horses respect & love me incredibly well on the ground and under saddle.  They trust and respect me, they know that I am their leader, friend and their spiritual companion.  It is a treasure to have such a deep bond with my equine family members, words literally cannot express the joy & love they fill my soul with each and every moment I'm with them. 

Horses are just like people; they have feelings and are just as emotional as we are they get excited, jealous, sad, depressed, crave & give love freely, just as we do.  Horses need to be a horse in all aspects of their lives, of course training is a must, but showering your equine friend with TLC and spending quality time doing ground training is absolutely essential to be able to bond and love your horse on a deep spiritual level, this is the only way to create true love, trust and respect from your horse.  Which creates a safer horse and a deeper connection in spirit that only a horse can give. 

If you take the time to get to know who your horse really is he will awaken in spirit and will become an eternal companion and friend, he will become the horse that you always dreamed of… So next time you're with your equine friend remember his feelings and let him know how much you love and care about him, you will be amazed how precious your relationship will become...

Thanks for reading xo