Saturday, December 29, 2012


Apollo, Ster Friesian Stallion copywrited by Carol Whitaker

7 Horse Winter Feeding Tips

As old man winter has settled in for the next couple of months for those who live in snowy climates feeding our precious equine family members throughout the day with plenty of fresh water is of the utmost importance to keep colic at bay.

Horses are grazing animals which mean their digestive track is designed to process food all through the day, not just morning and night. Feeding only twice a day was created for the convenience of horse owner’s busy schedules. Hose's are no different from us, they need adequate fuel to stay healthy & strong.   

Below are simple tips to help keep your horse healthy, happy and strong during the cold winter months.

Friday, December 28, 2012


A Day in the Life With My Friesian Stallion, Apollo...
Playing in the Snow 

A day in the life with my magnificent stallion, Apollo. Photographing Apollo is a team effort by my son and I. Apollo was magical again today... as I prepared him for the photo shoot I took down his hair and while I was grooming him he looked deep into my eyes and tried to hug me as he was standing in the wash rack in the cross ties. Even though he dislikes having his hair done he is always a perfect gentlemen, very patient, loving and kind.

As I walked Apollo out of our barn into our arena my son was adjusting his camera. As we waited I took off Apollo's halter and hung it on the rail beside us. Apollo knew full well what we were going to do, although he eagerly awaited playing tag with me he stood quietly by my side as we stood waiting for my son to be get ready to begin. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012



I had a magical day with my precious Apollo, below are images of my day with my imported magnificent Friesian stallion! 

(All photos of Apollo are copywrited by Carol Whitaker of Royal Grove Fine Art)

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Day In The Life With My Friesian Stallion

Ahhh... A day in the life with my precious Apollo! 

Carol Whitaker & Apollo, Friesian Stallion

I had a wonderful day with my sweet Apollo. I taught a lesson in my arena this afternoon, my two students brought their mares to my barn, typically I teach sitting next to the rail but today it was cold so I saddled up my magnificent stallion to stay warm as I taught. 

Apollo was a perfect gentleman as I taught and rode along side my student's mares. Once again my heart was touched deeply by his honor, his power, his respect and his love he has for me...

I know that our incredible bond is the reason why he has such an incredible disposition and obedience to my aids. We had so much fun! My cute student said, "He's amazing! Are you sure he's a stallion?" :) Once again I fell even more in love with my majestic stallion...

He's such a love and a gift from above... I am sooo in love with my beautiful baby! I'm so thankful that dreams really do come true! ♥

~Carol Whitaker

Thursday, December 13, 2012



The majestic Friesian spirit is breathtaking, magical & empowering! Whether you own your own magnificent Friesian or not, just having photos of Friesian's in your life can uplift your spirit and ignite passion in your life. If its your dream to have a Friesian, or a horse of any breed, then believe in your heart's desire and allow the beautiful gifts of life to lead you to your dream horse when the timing is right. 

If your heart is open to receive then you will indeed receive divine inspiration & direction to fulfill your dreams... In the meantime keep photos of your dream horse in your home, at work and in your wallet to keep the spirit & energy live of your dreams alive and before you know it you will be living your dreams! 

 Happy dreaming... ♥ 

 ~Carol Whitaker

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Receive $200 OFF our Ster Friesian Stallion's 
Stud Fee for 2013 breeding season 
when breeding is booked by 
December 31, 2012.

Apollo, Ster Friesian Stallion standing at stud at Royal Grove Stables

Apollo will have limited breeding for the 2013 breeding season, his schedule is filling up fast so if you're interested in booking our beautiful stallion for your breeding program please contact us at http://carol(at)royalgrovestables(dot)com. 

For more informational about Apollo's full paper pedigree, and to see more pictures and videos of him please visit our website at

Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year to you & yours! 

With love,

The Whitaker Family 

Friday, December 7, 2012


xoxo Carol Whitaker & Apollo, Friesian Stallion xoxo

A day in the life with Apollo... :)

I had such an AWESOME time with Apollo this evening. After I finished teaching riding lessons he had admirers come to meet him. He loves to show off so I got him out of his stall so he could strut his stuff in our arena. 

He was soooo dang adorable & very hyper in the crisp evening air! He obeyed me proudly as he did his tricks AND THEN the real fun began... We played tag, his all time favorite thing to do! That's when the playful puppy side of him came shining through, he was so excited to play he could hardly stand it!!! As he played he followed me like a big black Lab prancing about as he reared and curled his neck in play doing the Spanish walk in a frisky way as he chased after me, he was an absolute riot! :)

Then I free lunged him. He ran around bucking like crazy as he took off running with his knees up high and his tail flying in the wind as as he showed off powerfully before his admiring public. Then the moment I took a step back and said "come" he immediately turned and trotted towards me quickly as he approached me he stopped directly in front of me with both ears standing at attention towards me with full attention and love in his eyes as if to say, "Here I am mom!" ♥ He touched my heart deeply, that was a moment in time I shall never forget, it was magic, it was mystical, it was a bit of heaven on earth! 

What a LOVE he is! He continued to follow my every move with his eyes focused on me and every now and again he would reach over and give me a hug as I stroked his face while answering questions about him. Never in my life have I known such an amazingly tender-loving horse, let alone a stallion! His magnificent spirit lights up the world!!! 

And to top if off there were 3 mares tied up in the turn-out that I had just finished teaching next to the arena and he didn't even pay attention to them, he was only focused on me ~ what an awesome gentleman he is! Words can't adequately describe the spiritual bond which we share--he truly is my equine soulmate! 

Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks and count my blessings twice for having his majestic spirit in my life. He is literally a gift from Heavenly Father of which I will be eternally thankful for forever & ever... ♥

~Carol Whitaker

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Apollo, Friesian Stallion


I love my horses like they're my children; I want only the very best for them, including their diet. Many horses live a life in a stall or do not have access to green pasture as a result of boarding or lack of land to supply the needed nutrients found in fresh grass. Unfortunately, the equine gut can be sensitive and to change, rigorous training and non activity resulting in colic, which can lead to death.

An excellent way to protect your horse's delicate digestion track is to feed him prebiotics and probiotics daily. Prebiotics and probiotics aid the digestion as food is ingested both in the stomach and intestinal track resulting in higher breakdown of hay and grains and well as optimal absorption of nutrients. Just as we need prebiotics & probiotics in our diet to aid in optimal heal so do our equine family members.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


David Macmillan training Apollo - Ster Friesian Stallion


To have a happy horse that's in excellent athletic condition takes time & being disciplined by making training a high priority in your daily to do list 5 to 6 days a week. If you don't have the time to ride then hire a trainer to come to the barn to train your equine companion(s).

Horses are no different from us, the more constant you are about training the better they feel both physically, mentally and emotionally, not to mention they're healthier, happier and more vibrant as well. A happy, healthy horse will have fewer illnesses and will be less problematic under saddle, resulting in a deeper bonding relationship between the two of you.

Training doesn't mean only going around in an arena endlessly day in and day out; it's about incorporating all levels of training from ground work to highly trained dressage or reining movements.

Below are 5 tips to train your horse more thoroughly and intimately. The more quality time you spend with your horse the more enriching your relationship will be.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Carol's forthcoming new book.

Are you a passionate horse lover? Have you had a magical experience with your horse that touched your heart deeply or which possibly changed or healed you? 

If so I would love to have your story in my forthcoming book, 

“The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit”.

By sharing our beautiful heart touching moments with our equine family members &  friends can heal the souls of people across the world who do not have the opportunity to have a horse's spirit in their lives to enrich & heal their soul. This is why I'm writing my book, to bring light, hope and joy to those who are in need of the special energy of the horse's spirit that will radiate beautifully within the words of each story included in my heartwarming book.

Please contact me with questions or email me your story along with a  high resolution photo of you and your horse or of the horse that touched your soul deeply to carol(at)royalgrovestables(dot)com. 

I look forward to reading your magical story. ♥ 

Thank you!
Carol Whitaker


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The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit
By Carol Whitaker


1.      Your story must be original and not published anywhere else or online or in print.

2.      Write in first person. Make sure to introduce characters in detail and expound on your horse’s personality and spirit.

3.      Write from the heart with emotion. Write with feeling. Write in a way that is emotionally stirring such as laughter, sadness, contentment and love. You want your story to touch the heart of each reader.

4.      Make your story clear on how your heart was touched by the love of a horse. Your story should include emotional or physical issues and the solution of how your life was changed by the healing power of a horse’s spirit. End with what you learned and how it changed your life for the better.

5.      Include a high resolution photo of you and your horse or of your horse. If you had an experience with a horse that wasn’t yours then include an image of a horse of that best fits your story. Please note that by submitting your photo you give us the right to crop your photo if necessary for publication.

6.      Your story should be 2 to 4 pages double spaced, no more than 1,500 words, created in a Word document format. Be sure to break up your story with paragraphs and indent each new paragraph.
7.      Email your story and photo to carol(at)royalgrovestables(dot)com. Please post in subject line “HORSE STORY FOR NEW BOOK”.
·         Each writer whose story is selected for our book will receive a one-time fee of $25 and two free paper-back copies and a free e-book— that’s a $70 value.
·         We will notify you via email by if your story is selected. By sending us your story you give us the right to publish it in The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit

·         You retain ownership of your story. By submitting your story to us you grant us the rights to publish it and use it again in The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit related products.
Thank you for your desire to contribute to The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit. Your gift of sharing your cherished story will touch lives across the globe.
Carol Whitaker 

Saturday, November 10, 2012



Do you play with your horse or do you just ride him and then put him away? When you take the time to share quality time on the ground you will create a spiritual bond that will last a life time. You are the only one that he has to feed his spirit with love and joy just as parents do to their child. 

Here are 10 ways to play with your equine companion to create a deeper more loving bond with your horse.

  • Play with your horse like you would with a dog. Horses personalities are very much like a dogs outgoing, loyal and playful. 
  • Play tag with your horse.
  • Sit in his stall and read your favorite book.
  • Teach your horse new tricks.
  • Teach your horse how to play soccer with an exercise ball. 
  • Take your horse for a walk like you would a dog.
  • When you go to the barn teach your hose to come to your command.  Bring along your horse's his favorite treat and call to him by saying "Come!" and when he does come to you reward him with love & praise while give him his favorite treat. 
  • Make a jump for your horse and run along side him holding the lead rope when he jumps.
  • Sit in the pasture with him and scratch his belly as he loves on you.
  • Play hide and seek by running and hiding behind trees in a pasture have him try to find you as he playfully follows you. 
  • Go on long hacks or trail rides often, let him lead the way to show you what he wants to see.
Have fun with your horse to create a deep spiritual friendship that will uplift and inspire you to become a better person each new day. Your joy will radiate from you for all the world to see & feel. Love & respect your horse and your horse will love & respect you! ❤

~Carol Whitaker
Horseback Riding Instructor 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Carol Whitaker & Apollo, Friesian Stallion


Apollo was absolutlye adorable today!!! :)

I drove up to my dear friend's house to go for a ride. She bought Xander from me so it was a real treat to see him again too.

I put Apollo in her pasture while I went to say hello to Xander in her barn. After I took off his lead rope Apollo ran off calling out to all the mares that her neighbors have bordering her property. He was letting everyone in town that he was the biggest, baddest stallion around!

After giving Xander some love I went out to get Apollo, he was off in the pasture smelling all the other horse's smells, I called out "Apollo, come!" as I usually do and then I stood there watching him smell all he could taking in all the mares scents around him.

After he finished smelling the air he looked up at me and then trotted quickly toward me with his head held high as if to say "Here I come, mom!" He was in a full trot as he came rushing towards me, just as he approached me he came to a screeching halt stopping just in front of me. I was laughing as he came running and praised him when he reached me.

He was absolutely precious; he was just like a big black Lab! He put his head down for me to put his lead rope on and off we went to saddle up. He pranced off in front of the other horses letting them know just how awesome he is... Ha, he made me laugh again as we walked over to my trailer.

Words can't express how much his frolicking trot and his big expressive eyes enraptured my heart! I love him more than words can express! Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for my dream boy, Apollo.  It was an experience I shall never forget. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

~Carol Whitaker

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Apollo, my Ster Friesian Stallion, & I


Below is a beautiful video example of the power of bonding spiritually with a horse by using your energy created by Klause Hempfling, (he's my favorite trainer of all time).

There is nothing more magical than that of having a spiritual bond with a horse. Horse's long for leadership and protection which can only come from their owner. When a horse feels of your inner power and awareness of living in present moment without mental distraction the horse's spirit awakens and becomes one with you.

You too can be the leader of your horse by claiming your own authentic power within, it's a matter of being in YOUR power by being aware and present in the now. Horses will only follow and trust us fully when we are in our power, kind, gentle and understanding. They will only look to us for direction if we are confident, strong and without worries of the world.

I had a riding student bring her 8 yr old mare of which she raised from a baby to my arena for a lesson. We did free lunging (natural horsemanship) for her first lesson. She lunged her mare but could not get her to come into the middle of the circle when she asked her to.

I showed her the difference in gaining the trust of a horse by using the power within to gain the trust and respect of her horse using my energy. I then lunged her mare and called the mare into the middle of the arena with MY energy, she immediately came to me and would only follow me with each step I took, and she wouldn't even go to her mom once I established the confidence and leadership she craved.

I had to teach my student how to claim her own inner power, she got it somewhat but her mare continued stopping next to me and following me because I was in my power. Once my student learns how to live in her power her mare will follow her as she does with me.

We can all do this with our horses it's just a matter of ground training and dedication with your horse.

By taking the time to bond with your horse in a spiritual way a part of your spirit awakens and is enlightened in such a way that is electrifying! Take the time to bond and love your horse dearly and you  will soon come to have a bond that will weave your hearts together as one.

Happy training!

Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor

Friday, September 28, 2012



The photo above is a magical moment captured in time of Apollo & I shortly after he arrived at his new home. I adopted him sight unseen... I saw his photos online years before and had fallen in love with him, I would dream of owning such a grand stallion... His majestic spirit enraptured my heart deeply

Many people marvel at the thought of purchasing such an expensive stallion without meeting him first... Well, I found him just as I did my others horses by praying for divine guidance to lead my way.

I was actually inspired and divinely guided to Apollo's for sale ad. When I saw him once again as I searched diligently morning and night for a stallion my heart was drawn to him instantly -- I knew without question that he was the Friesian stallion my heart longed for. Within a little over a month after I found him again he was home safe and sound...

As with all of my horses the first thing I do is take them straight into our arena and bond with them and establish my alpha leadership role. I allow them to breath in my nose to inspect their new home and to roll in the sand then I free lunge them to let hem know that I am indeed the lead mare.

My horses instantly bond with me by following me without a lead rope or halter. They know they are deeply loved and safe with me.

As I walked Apollo into our arena in the crisp autumn air after he was excited and called out in his proud stallion way letting my other horses know of his grand arrival. As I gently removed his halter he stood attentively next to me alert as he glanced around as his new surroundings of his new home...

I walked around talking to him letting him know how thankful I was that he was finally mine... he followed beside me with each step I took attentively focused on me.

I was in 7th heaven as I soaked up his powerful energy and spirit... I reached up and loved on him expressing my devotion to him. As he reached down to blow in my nose I gave him a great big hug and then sent him on his way to move his feet by free lunging him to establish my role as alpha.

I rejoiced in his magical splendor of his powerful animated gaits... he was poetry in motions as he ran around me thrilled to be home as he exhibited his love to showing off to his new family members.

Then as I stepped back as our eyes locked he turned and trotted into me willingly to please. As he approached me he stopped and gazed deep into my eyes piercing my very core to my soul... His spirit spoke to mine as he ignited my spirit powerfully beyond expression...

This photo captured that cherished moment in time... You can see the deep bond between us as our eyes deeply intertwined as if to say "Awe, I finally found you... I'm home". Apollo is a part of my soul, he is truly my equine soul-mate, and he is what my spirit had felt calling to me throughout the years...

He is all I dreamed of and much, much more... I had felt his spirit calling for me years ago... I thank the good Lord above for answering my prayers and guiding my path to his. Apollo & I literally had love at first sight ...

So it can be with you and your horse. The depth of love a horse has for it's owner/human mother is magical beyond expression... Embrace everything about your equine companion and let him/her know just how much you care...

Carol Whitaker
Royal Grove Stables

Sunday, September 23, 2012




Do you have a heartwarming story with you and your horse that changed your life and touched your soul? If so I would love your story in my forthcoming book...

I’m writing a new book titled “The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit” if you have a heartwarming story about you and your horse (it doesn't even have to be your own horse) I would love to have your story in my book.  

I’m gathering stories from around the globe from my horse loving friends to bless and enrich the lives of those that are in need of uplifting, hope, courage and joy in their lives. Your treasured memory is a gift that need to be shared. The power of the horse's spirit awakens the soul of man in a way that nothing else on earth can do. Please take a time to write down your story which will be a family treasure and legacy of you and your horse for years to come.

If you have a memorable story of how your horse helped you through a difficult time or helped you heal physically, spiritually or emotionally I would be honored to have your story in my book. Your story will help change lives of thousands of people who are in need of heartwarming stories to lift their soul.

All rights of each story published will be retained by the author.  If you would like your story included in my book please email to receive the submission guidelines at: 


I look forward to reading your magical story very soon. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration, together we can lift the hearts of many around the world.

Please share with your horse loving family & friends I would love their stories published in my book too. 

Thank you! ♥

~ Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor

Friday, September 21, 2012



Do you dream of owning a fairytale Friesian? If so don’t ever give up on your dream. If you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will be able to have one someday then you are on the right track to making your dream come true!

Having a vivid dream of your heart’s desire is a powerful tool of creation. Dreams are a vision of your future... the more you dream with clarity by releasing resistance to that which is wanted the more you will open your heart to enable you to create and manifest your dreams.

Saturday, September 15, 2012



How often do you take the time to bond with your beloved equine companion?  Horses crave our attention just a child does from her parents. 

Take the time to know your horse on a spiritual level.  Horses are our gift from above to cherish and nurture with loving kindness and reward.

If you only ride your horse or train them each time you’re with them you are not serving their emotional state of mind, they need playful interaction with you just as you do in your life.

Horses have complex emotions just as we do.  They have the same feelings as we do and they have a memory second to an elephant.  So if all you do is ride then and then put them away in their stall you are not serving their highest good. 

 Here are a few ways to take your relationship to the next level.


·         Sit in your horse’s stall or an arena with him and talk to him like a friend.
·         Look into your horses eyes, what are they telling you?
·         Play tag with your horse, horses love to play tag and they love to see and feel your fun, loving energy as you laugh and play together.
·         Read a book by his side as you get your daily dose of R&R.
·         Scratch under his belly and chin and along his crest and withers.
·         Give your horse a message with a rubber curry.
·         Talk to him about how much you love and appreciate him.
·         Take your horse for a walk like a dog.
·         Bring your horse’s favorite treat such as an apple or carrots as a loving gesture.
·         Give your horse a great big bear hug around his neck before you ride expressing your love for him.
·         Be positive and happy. Horses are highly intuitive and can read your energy like a book. So do your best to respect your horse by being your best when you are together.
·         Tell your horse that you will be back soon when you leave (if he is boarded away from home) and always say good bye by saying "I love you." Horses can understand our words by the energy you speak.  Letting your horse know that you will be back will give him added security and peace.

If you do these simple yet powerful bonding tips with your horse you will create a deeper more loving bond with you precious equine friend that will span the test of time.

Realize that your horse is a treasured gift from above... Honor and respect your gift with all your heart and in return he will love and respect you.

Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Fairytale Friesians... 

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.” 

~ Albert Einstein

Friesians are truly fairytale horses in every way, they touch one's soul deeply awakening areas of the heart that only a horse's magical essence can do.   

The love, peace and joy that Friesians give is powerful beyond expression, it'ignites the light within more powerfully than words can say...

Friesians are as Fairytale horses that come to life with long flowing hair and deep black eyes with feathered feet as they prance around the fields frolicking at play.

The magnificence of the Fairytale Friesian is beyond description that only dreams can express... 

Dream Big Dreams! Dreams really do come true! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Is your horse carrying extra weight?  Does your horse have a big crest, a big belly, larger than normal hindquarters, fat pockets on his ribs or the top of his tail?  If so it could be harmful to your horse’s health.  

Just like people overweight horses are prone to more health problems than a fit horse is.  When horses are fat they lack energy, they become more lethargic and even worse, they ban become depressed and worst of all they can founder or colic which could end their life.


Pay attention to your horse’s conformation what would you rate it?  If you can visibly see fat deposits then it's up to you to cut his calories and get his weight down.  Horses love to eat so if you put too much food in front of them they will eat until they become too full and that can lead to discomfort for your horse.

Horses are grazing animals they weren’t designed to just eat morning and night.  People began feeding twice a day for their convenience.   Most of us do not have the luxury of large spacious green fiends for our beloved horses to graze on so it’s our responsibility to feed them at least 3 times a day to ensure their gut always has food processing.

If your horse doesn’t have the option of grazing then I highly suggest giving him digestive enzymes and brewer’s yeast to aid in optimal digestion.  Dried hay does not have the natural enzymes as fresh pasture grass has, horses need enzymes to process food  our horses need for digestion, so


Exercise is a must for horses to maintain a healthy body weight for your horse.  If you do not have time to ride or lunge him then give him turnout each day so he can naturally get needed exercise by staying active throughout the day.  Horses were not meant to live in stalls all day long it's not good for their health nor their mind and spirit.

Pay attention to your horse’s disposition if he seems a bit off take note of his weight, an overweight horse will not be as frisky and carefree as a healthy weight horse is.

 All of my Friesians came to me overweight I was shocked at how obese they were!  The photos I received prior to their arrival always showed their fit, trim conformations.  Many owners do not pay attention to the fat on their horses and it was evident that my horse’s previous owners did the same.

Upon arriving to their new home I would immediately put my horses on a diet and daily exercise program.  I cut their feed and would lunge them for 15 minutes morning and night to begin with in addition to riding them 4 times a week.

I fed them high quality grass hay and supplements and showered them with love, within days I would see a new sparkle of life appear in their eyes as their magnificent spirit came alive once more.  As they each lost the excess weight they had tons more energy, were happier and were more willing to work and play with the other horses when in turnout

Just as with us when we are overweight we do not want to exercise often because the extra weight makes us tired and somewhat lethargic, believe it or not but it's no different for you horse.  Be the owner and loving human your horse craves, one that looks out for his highest good in all areas of his life.

If your horse is overweight make it a point to put him on a diet, exercise him daily and/or give him much needed turnout each day, doing so will create a happier, healthier horse.

Carol Whitaker

Saturday, August 25, 2012



Ground work is essential to do to earn the trust and respect from your horse.  Free lunging is one way that is highly beneficial to earn the much needed position as the Alpha Mare role in your relationship. When you move your horse’s feet forward, backwards, left and right with your body language and by free lunging you earn the trust and respect from your horse that is essential to have from your horse.

To gain the trust and respect from your equine friend creates peace of mind for you horse.  It’s as though your horse is a child and you are the parent.  Children look to their parents for guidance, love, protection and for the daily needs to stay healthy and strong.  It is no different for your horse. 


Horses are herd animals as well as prey animals which means they require leadership to look to for guidance and protection,  There is only one true leader out of a large herd which means horses are not alpha leaders by nature, they look to others to step up to the plate.  Of course there are times when horses fight it out for supremacy; however only one triumphs as the alpha.

 There is always one leader in a herd, the alpha mare.  Stallions are also Alpha however they are always on the lookout for predators and stay on the outskirts of the herd.  The alpha mare is the mother role of the heard, being the role model and showing dominance in all that she does when enforcing her role as the Alpha Mare.

When you firmly earn the trust and respect from your horse you will have a safer, happier, healthier relationship with your equine family member & friend. Without establishing the alpha roll your horse will have no choice but to take on that position. 


To gain the alpha position with your horse you want to be the one moving your horse’s feet not the other way around.  If you notice in a wild herd of horses there is only one lead mare leading the group, and that horse gained its respect from the other horses by moving their feet.  The lead mare always eats first and drinks first and leads the herd to feeding destinations.

So it is with you, you should be the one that allows when you horse eats as well.  When feeding your horse take a crop or a dressage whip with you the first few times when establishing your role as alpha. 

As you enter your horses stall if your horse does not move back out of your space move your horses feet by waiving the whip in front of you quickly as you say "back" if your horse is submissive to you then he will willingly move back as you enter the stall.  However if he does not move then you know that he is the alpha in your relationship.  

Always make your horse get out of your space and if he does not obey you then hit him on the chest with the whip holding it like a ski pole and twisting your wrist quickly as you give him the reminder to back out of your space.   As you do walk swiftly towards him with a bit of force and tell him with authority “BACK!” and make him move his feet! 

Do not ever allow your horse to move your feet on purpose.  Horses that push their owners around with their head, or walk into their space and brush by them with a shoulder or hip is, in fact, moving their owners feet setting the grounds that they are the alpha in the relationship – which is not good!

Whenever your horse gets pushy with you MOVE his feet quickly, if he’s under saddle waive the reins in front of him and say “BACK!” he should quickly move back out of your space, and if he doesn’t do the same as explained at feeding time, smack him on the check with the end of the reins or a whip and say back. 

Once he moves back and then gives you his undivided attention allow him to walk back up towards you but do not allow him to come into your space uninvited.  Do not ever allow your horse to push you around, not even one step. 

As you practice this daily you will soon establish your role as the Alpha Mare and that is when the true magic begins….


Each morning when I feed my stallion he has to gently give me a loving nuzzle before he's allowed to eat, he also has to move back as I put his hay and grain in his stall.  Apollo is a very proud Frisian stallion and he is also alpha in the barn that is until I come in, and then he knows without question that I am then alpha of the barn.

It is a stallion's natural tendency to want to push others around horses and people around to establish his alpha status; however, Apollo is just the opposite with me, he is a loving gentle stallion each time he's with me, he literally acts more like a big black Lab than a magnificent stallion. 

Apollo looks to me for guidance, protection and leadership and that’s why we have such a special bond that is beyond description. He knows that if he even thinks about pushing me around even a little bit I will move HIS feet quickly and harshly!  So it should be with you and your horse, by establishing the alpha leadership role you will have a much happier, satisfying and safer relationship with your cherished equine friend.

Horses have the same emotions as we do.  They want to cared for, loved, adored, understood, exercised and cherished just as we do.  Horses are extremely intuitive they know all too well what you are feeling and can read your body language better than we can. 

Stand tall and proud as you train your horse and when you lead him under halter doing so you are displaying with your body language that you are indeed the alpha mare doing so you will without question earn the trust and respect that is imperative to establish with your equine companion.

Have fun with your horse and be sure to spend quality time with him to bond deeply at a spiritual level to create a deep relationship that will last a lifetime.

Happy trails! :)

~Carol Whitaker