Tuesday, January 31, 2012



~ Getting Hugs from my Friesian Stallion, APOLLO ~

The power of the horse’s spirit is more magnificent & healing than we can fully comprehend. Animals are a gift from above to bless and enrich our lives greatly. They have incredibly high vibrations which soak up and dissolve negative emotions from us, that is why you feel better after spending time with your favorite animals.

Next time you're upset or down take time to smell and love on your equine best friend, thank him/her for coming into your life to enrich and bless your life beyond expression.  Spend quality time with your horse just sitting with him/her in the stall and pasture.  Talk to your horse like a you do a close friend.  They can read our energy clearly.

Horses are truly magical ~ they vibrate unconditional love on a quantum level.   Treat your horse with the utmost respect and love and in return you will be infinitely blessed and will create a bond that will last through all eternity!

Thanks for reading, until next time... Happy trails!

~Carol Whitaker

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Royal Grove Stables proudly presents APOLLO, our imported purebred Friesian Stallion at stud.  Standing over 16.1 hh, out of world famous Sape 381 Sport.  APOLLO was a time Grand Champion in Holland,US & Canada.

APOLLO is the epitome of the Friesian breed, he it absolutely magnificent! He has gorgeous long, wavy hair, a stunning head with endearing big soft eyes and small tippy ears with long legs, a short back and he very upright our of his shoulders.  He's presence is HUGE!  He's has exceptional work ethic and always gives his all, he has amazing suspension, impulsion & endurance.  He is truly breathtaking to watch in the ring and at liberty. 

He has movie star looks, an incredibly loving, fun personality, incredible ground manners and he's a true gentleman, even with mares around!  He carries on his Sire amazing athletic talent to his offspring as well.  His babies are gorgeous!  Highly intelligent and have beautiful uphill conformations, just like their sire.  APOLLO is an incredibly special stallion in every way!

Feel free to contact us at carol@liveskinnynow.com for more information.  Thank you!