Monday, April 23, 2012



Apollo is one chatty boy, he LOVES to talk, a lot! He neighs when he wants to eat, when he wants me to come out and play, if I'm not going fast enough in the feed room getting his favorite Purina Healthy Edge pellets ~ he lets me know, or when he hears or sees another horse along the trail or coming down the road past our barn...

I adore every little sound he makes, he has so many different soft little neighs in addition to his grand stallion calling neighs, it's so much fun to hear him call to me when I'm in my home, I can't resist but go out and see him.  I love feeling the vibrancy of his powerful spirit each new day, he is a magnificent stallion in immeasurable ways.. 

Horses are truly God's greatest gift to mankind... How blessed we are to be able to have them in our lives, to learn by, to be loved by and to share our joys and sorrows with.  Apollo is truly a gift from above, and I cherish and love him deeply... I'm so thankful that dreams really do come true! :)

~Carol Whitaker

Thursday, April 12, 2012


How to Bond Deeply with Your Horse
Having a spirit to spirit bond with your horse is rewarding beyond measure. Knowing that your horse loves you unconditionally and will do anything for you is an indescribable feeling. Horses that love, trust and respect their person are happy, confident and secure. They radiate enthusiasm when they see you and call out to you when they hear your voice. 

Your horse can be your dream horse--you can have a magical bond with your horse regardless of your horses age, gender or past history. People often ask me how I bond so deeply with my beloved Friesian stallion, Apollo. He follows and obeys me like a big black Lab, he would jump in my lap and sleep at the foot of my bed if he could. I've been told that my horses are like “putty in my hands” as one spectator stated after watching Apollo and I interact together while showing him off to his admiring fans. 

I am passionate about horses... I learn from them each day. They're incredibly powerful and yet they let us train them and ride upon their backs. They magnificent spirit is gentle and kind, and once they connect spiritually with their owner, they'll give their all.  It always amazes me at the unconditional love and adoration they have for their person, the connection is undeniable and empowering.  It's the magnificent spirit of the horse that awakens a part of our spirit that would otherwise stay dormant.