Friday, September 28, 2012



The photo above is a magical moment captured in time of Apollo & I shortly after he arrived at his new home. I adopted him sight unseen... I saw his photos online years before and had fallen in love with him, I would dream of owning such a grand stallion... His majestic spirit enraptured my heart deeply

Many people marvel at the thought of purchasing such an expensive stallion without meeting him first... Well, I found him just as I did my others horses by praying for divine guidance to lead my way.

I was actually inspired and divinely guided to Apollo's for sale ad. When I saw him once again as I searched diligently morning and night for a stallion my heart was drawn to him instantly -- I knew without question that he was the Friesian stallion my heart longed for. Within a little over a month after I found him again he was home safe and sound...

As with all of my horses the first thing I do is take them straight into our arena and bond with them and establish my alpha leadership role. I allow them to breath in my nose to inspect their new home and to roll in the sand then I free lunge them to let hem know that I am indeed the lead mare.

My horses instantly bond with me by following me without a lead rope or halter. They know they are deeply loved and safe with me.

As I walked Apollo into our arena in the crisp autumn air after he was excited and called out in his proud stallion way letting my other horses know of his grand arrival. As I gently removed his halter he stood attentively next to me alert as he glanced around as his new surroundings of his new home...

I walked around talking to him letting him know how thankful I was that he was finally mine... he followed beside me with each step I took attentively focused on me.

I was in 7th heaven as I soaked up his powerful energy and spirit... I reached up and loved on him expressing my devotion to him. As he reached down to blow in my nose I gave him a great big hug and then sent him on his way to move his feet by free lunging him to establish my role as alpha.

I rejoiced in his magical splendor of his powerful animated gaits... he was poetry in motions as he ran around me thrilled to be home as he exhibited his love to showing off to his new family members.

Then as I stepped back as our eyes locked he turned and trotted into me willingly to please. As he approached me he stopped and gazed deep into my eyes piercing my very core to my soul... His spirit spoke to mine as he ignited my spirit powerfully beyond expression...

This photo captured that cherished moment in time... You can see the deep bond between us as our eyes deeply intertwined as if to say "Awe, I finally found you... I'm home". Apollo is a part of my soul, he is truly my equine soul-mate, and he is what my spirit had felt calling to me throughout the years...

He is all I dreamed of and much, much more... I had felt his spirit calling for me years ago... I thank the good Lord above for answering my prayers and guiding my path to his. Apollo & I literally had love at first sight ...

So it can be with you and your horse. The depth of love a horse has for it's owner/human mother is magical beyond expression... Embrace everything about your equine companion and let him/her know just how much you care...

Carol Whitaker
Royal Grove Stables

Sunday, September 23, 2012




Do you have a heartwarming story with you and your horse that changed your life and touched your soul? If so I would love your story in my forthcoming book...

I’m writing a new book titled “The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit” if you have a heartwarming story about you and your horse (it doesn't even have to be your own horse) I would love to have your story in my book.  

I’m gathering stories from around the globe from my horse loving friends to bless and enrich the lives of those that are in need of uplifting, hope, courage and joy in their lives. Your treasured memory is a gift that need to be shared. The power of the horse's spirit awakens the soul of man in a way that nothing else on earth can do. Please take a time to write down your story which will be a family treasure and legacy of you and your horse for years to come.

If you have a memorable story of how your horse helped you through a difficult time or helped you heal physically, spiritually or emotionally I would be honored to have your story in my book. Your story will help change lives of thousands of people who are in need of heartwarming stories to lift their soul.

All rights of each story published will be retained by the author.  If you would like your story included in my book please email to receive the submission guidelines at: 


I look forward to reading your magical story very soon. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration, together we can lift the hearts of many around the world.

Please share with your horse loving family & friends I would love their stories published in my book too. 

Thank you! ♥

~ Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor

Friday, September 21, 2012



Do you dream of owning a fairytale Friesian? If so don’t ever give up on your dream. If you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will be able to have one someday then you are on the right track to making your dream come true!

Having a vivid dream of your heart’s desire is a powerful tool of creation. Dreams are a vision of your future... the more you dream with clarity by releasing resistance to that which is wanted the more you will open your heart to enable you to create and manifest your dreams.

Saturday, September 15, 2012



How often do you take the time to bond with your beloved equine companion?  Horses crave our attention just a child does from her parents. 

Take the time to know your horse on a spiritual level.  Horses are our gift from above to cherish and nurture with loving kindness and reward.

If you only ride your horse or train them each time you’re with them you are not serving their emotional state of mind, they need playful interaction with you just as you do in your life.

Horses have complex emotions just as we do.  They have the same feelings as we do and they have a memory second to an elephant.  So if all you do is ride then and then put them away in their stall you are not serving their highest good. 

 Here are a few ways to take your relationship to the next level.


·         Sit in your horse’s stall or an arena with him and talk to him like a friend.
·         Look into your horses eyes, what are they telling you?
·         Play tag with your horse, horses love to play tag and they love to see and feel your fun, loving energy as you laugh and play together.
·         Read a book by his side as you get your daily dose of R&R.
·         Scratch under his belly and chin and along his crest and withers.
·         Give your horse a message with a rubber curry.
·         Talk to him about how much you love and appreciate him.
·         Take your horse for a walk like a dog.
·         Bring your horse’s favorite treat such as an apple or carrots as a loving gesture.
·         Give your horse a great big bear hug around his neck before you ride expressing your love for him.
·         Be positive and happy. Horses are highly intuitive and can read your energy like a book. So do your best to respect your horse by being your best when you are together.
·         Tell your horse that you will be back soon when you leave (if he is boarded away from home) and always say good bye by saying "I love you." Horses can understand our words by the energy you speak.  Letting your horse know that you will be back will give him added security and peace.

If you do these simple yet powerful bonding tips with your horse you will create a deeper more loving bond with you precious equine friend that will span the test of time.

Realize that your horse is a treasured gift from above... Honor and respect your gift with all your heart and in return he will love and respect you.

Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Fairytale Friesians... 

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.” 

~ Albert Einstein

Friesians are truly fairytale horses in every way, they touch one's soul deeply awakening areas of the heart that only a horse's magical essence can do.   

The love, peace and joy that Friesians give is powerful beyond expression, it'ignites the light within more powerfully than words can say...

Friesians are as Fairytale horses that come to life with long flowing hair and deep black eyes with feathered feet as they prance around the fields frolicking at play.

The magnificence of the Fairytale Friesian is beyond description that only dreams can express... 

Dream Big Dreams! Dreams really do come true!