Sunday, October 14, 2012


Apollo, my Ster Friesian Stallion, & I


Below is a beautiful video example of the power of bonding spiritually with a horse by using your energy created by Klause Hempfling, (he's my favorite trainer of all time).

There is nothing more magical than that of having a spiritual bond with a horse. Horse's long for leadership and protection which can only come from their owner. When a horse feels of your inner power and awareness of living in present moment without mental distraction the horse's spirit awakens and becomes one with you.

You too can be the leader of your horse by claiming your own authentic power within, it's a matter of being in YOUR power by being aware and present in the now. Horses will only follow and trust us fully when we are in our power, kind, gentle and understanding. They will only look to us for direction if we are confident, strong and without worries of the world.

I had a riding student bring her 8 yr old mare of which she raised from a baby to my arena for a lesson. We did free lunging (natural horsemanship) for her first lesson. She lunged her mare but could not get her to come into the middle of the circle when she asked her to.

I showed her the difference in gaining the trust of a horse by using the power within to gain the trust and respect of her horse using my energy. I then lunged her mare and called the mare into the middle of the arena with MY energy, she immediately came to me and would only follow me with each step I took, and she wouldn't even go to her mom once I established the confidence and leadership she craved.

I had to teach my student how to claim her own inner power, she got it somewhat but her mare continued stopping next to me and following me because I was in my power. Once my student learns how to live in her power her mare will follow her as she does with me.

We can all do this with our horses it's just a matter of ground training and dedication with your horse.

By taking the time to bond with your horse in a spiritual way a part of your spirit awakens and is enlightened in such a way that is electrifying! Take the time to bond and love your horse dearly and you  will soon come to have a bond that will weave your hearts together as one.

Happy training!

Carol Whitaker
Riding Instructor