Thursday, November 29, 2012


Carol's forthcoming new book.

Are you a passionate horse lover? Have you had a magical experience with your horse that touched your heart deeply or which possibly changed or healed you? 

If so I would love to have your story in my forthcoming book, 

“The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit”.

By sharing our beautiful heart touching moments with our equine family members &  friends can heal the souls of people across the world who do not have the opportunity to have a horse's spirit in their lives to enrich & heal their soul. This is why I'm writing my book, to bring light, hope and joy to those who are in need of the special energy of the horse's spirit that will radiate beautifully within the words of each story included in my heartwarming book.

Please contact me with questions or email me your story along with a  high resolution photo of you and your horse or of the horse that touched your soul deeply to carol(at)royalgrovestables(dot)com. 

I look forward to reading your magical story. ♥ 

Thank you!
Carol Whitaker


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The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit
By Carol Whitaker


1.      Your story must be original and not published anywhere else or online or in print.

2.      Write in first person. Make sure to introduce characters in detail and expound on your horse’s personality and spirit.

3.      Write from the heart with emotion. Write with feeling. Write in a way that is emotionally stirring such as laughter, sadness, contentment and love. You want your story to touch the heart of each reader.

4.      Make your story clear on how your heart was touched by the love of a horse. Your story should include emotional or physical issues and the solution of how your life was changed by the healing power of a horse’s spirit. End with what you learned and how it changed your life for the better.

5.      Include a high resolution photo of you and your horse or of your horse. If you had an experience with a horse that wasn’t yours then include an image of a horse of that best fits your story. Please note that by submitting your photo you give us the right to crop your photo if necessary for publication.

6.      Your story should be 2 to 4 pages double spaced, no more than 1,500 words, created in a Word document format. Be sure to break up your story with paragraphs and indent each new paragraph.
7.      Email your story and photo to carol(at)royalgrovestables(dot)com. Please post in subject line “HORSE STORY FOR NEW BOOK”.
·         Each writer whose story is selected for our book will receive a one-time fee of $25 and two free paper-back copies and a free e-book— that’s a $70 value.
·         We will notify you via email by if your story is selected. By sending us your story you give us the right to publish it in The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit

·         You retain ownership of your story. By submitting your story to us you grant us the rights to publish it and use it again in The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit related products.
Thank you for your desire to contribute to The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit. Your gift of sharing your cherished story will touch lives across the globe.
Carol Whitaker 

Saturday, November 10, 2012



Do you play with your horse or do you just ride him and then put him away? When you take the time to share quality time on the ground you will create a spiritual bond that will last a life time. You are the only one that he has to feed his spirit with love and joy just as parents do to their child. 

Here are 10 ways to play with your equine companion to create a deeper more loving bond with your horse.

  • Play with your horse like you would with a dog. Horses personalities are very much like a dogs outgoing, loyal and playful. 
  • Play tag with your horse.
  • Sit in his stall and read your favorite book.
  • Teach your horse new tricks.
  • Teach your horse how to play soccer with an exercise ball. 
  • Take your horse for a walk like you would a dog.
  • When you go to the barn teach your hose to come to your command.  Bring along your horse's his favorite treat and call to him by saying "Come!" and when he does come to you reward him with love & praise while give him his favorite treat. 
  • Make a jump for your horse and run along side him holding the lead rope when he jumps.
  • Sit in the pasture with him and scratch his belly as he loves on you.
  • Play hide and seek by running and hiding behind trees in a pasture have him try to find you as he playfully follows you. 
  • Go on long hacks or trail rides often, let him lead the way to show you what he wants to see.
Have fun with your horse to create a deep spiritual friendship that will uplift and inspire you to become a better person each new day. Your joy will radiate from you for all the world to see & feel. Love & respect your horse and your horse will love & respect you! ❤

~Carol Whitaker
Horseback Riding Instructor 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Carol Whitaker & Apollo, Friesian Stallion


Apollo was absolutlye adorable today!!! :)

I drove up to my dear friend's house to go for a ride. She bought Xander from me so it was a real treat to see him again too.

I put Apollo in her pasture while I went to say hello to Xander in her barn. After I took off his lead rope Apollo ran off calling out to all the mares that her neighbors have bordering her property. He was letting everyone in town that he was the biggest, baddest stallion around!

After giving Xander some love I went out to get Apollo, he was off in the pasture smelling all the other horse's smells, I called out "Apollo, come!" as I usually do and then I stood there watching him smell all he could taking in all the mares scents around him.

After he finished smelling the air he looked up at me and then trotted quickly toward me with his head held high as if to say "Here I come, mom!" He was in a full trot as he came rushing towards me, just as he approached me he came to a screeching halt stopping just in front of me. I was laughing as he came running and praised him when he reached me.

He was absolutely precious; he was just like a big black Lab! He put his head down for me to put his lead rope on and off we went to saddle up. He pranced off in front of the other horses letting them know just how awesome he is... Ha, he made me laugh again as we walked over to my trailer.

Words can't express how much his frolicking trot and his big expressive eyes enraptured my heart! I love him more than words can express! Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for my dream boy, Apollo.  It was an experience I shall never forget. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

~Carol Whitaker