Friday, January 25, 2013


Carol Whitaker & Apollo, Frisian Stallion


I had such a delightful day with my treasured boy, Apollo... Even now as I reflect back on our special time together I get chills... His magnificent spirit warms my heart and soul more than words can adequately express...

This afternoon I did Holistic Horse Therapy with a new client. I do a holistic spiritual method of therapy which I created called The Healing Power of the Horse’s Spirit Therapy. I was divinely guided as to how to do this type of healing, each step of the way has been a beautiful journey. This method of horse therapy has helped me personally overcome and better understand my health issues as I learned this divinely guided modality of teaching. It's truly miraculous to see my client’s lives change so dramatically by doing my Holistic Horse Therapy.


Carol Whitaker & Friesian Stallion, Apollo. Photography by Lisa Taylor


The tender love of a horse is a gift that only comes by treating a horse with love, leadership & respect. The deep bond between horse & human is simply exhilarating to the very core, it uplifts the spirit of beyond expression, it rejuvenates the soul, it enlightens the downtrodden and brings gives relief to the weary.

There’s no mistaking a happy horse that lives in the comforts of safety and peace. Their joyful spirit is undeniable... the welcoming calls of their whinnies as they see us approaching, the tenderness of their hugs as they wrap their mighty necks around us, the welcoming kisses they freely give and the comfort healing power of their spirits heals the heart and soul… these are just a few of the powerful attributes a special horse brings into our lives if we but delight in them as we too desire and crave to be treated.

If you open your heart and soul to allow your spirit to connect deeply with your horses spirit by loving and respecting them as you would a child you will create a deep spiritual relationship that will span the test of time. Leave your worries and cares behind the moment you walk into the barn. 

Be entirely in the present moment by connecting your body, mind and spirit when you're with your beautiful horse. Allow your whole self to be the current moment as you enjoy the precious time you share with you equine family member and friend by focusing only on your body language, thoughts and feelings of your horse as you spend time with him or her. 

As you do you will be able to quiet your mind which will allow your heart to open to hear the thoughts and feel the high, loving energy of your beloved equine friend, and soon you will hear the whispering so your horse's heart just as he does with you. It is an enchanting experience that will change your life forever, but you can only experience this if you are 100% in the present moment.

So today make it a point to be in the now as you spend time with your beloved equine friend and feel the love of your horses’ spirit to connect with him more deeply and powerfully than you ever have before.

Carol Whitaker

Monday, January 14, 2013


Carol Whitaker & Apollo ~ all images copywrited by Royal Grove Stables


Happy Monday my horse loving friends! :)

I had a wonderful start to the day... I bundled up like a snow bunny this morning and headed out to our barn to feed my precious horses, as I opened the door to our backyard I called out to my sweet horses expressing "good morning" as I headed to our barn. My awesome Apollo gave out a delightful "Good Morning Mom!" whinny as he turned around in his paddock to look at me as he pranced happily into his cozy stall to greet me.

As I opened the barn doors he whinnied some more but this time quietly as he was anxious to give me my morning hug before eating his breakfast. As I opened his stall window he reached out his beautiful head and placed it on my chest to nuzzle me as I wrapped my arms around him while I expressed my love for him. We always give each other a good morning hug before feeding breakfast, Apollo loves his hugs!

Apollo is such a gift in my life... he's a priceless treasure from above to enlighten my life in magical ways that only one can truly understand if they experience it... words are unable to express the spiritual bond we share. His powerful presence radiates brilliantly from him as a beacon in the night. He's highly intuitive and has a heart of gold... I still pinch myself that he was created for me, I know this to be true as I feel that he is part of my spirit and I his... he completes me.

I've never known a horse that verbally communicates as much as my sweet Apollo, he talks to me ALL the time, I love it! And best of all I know exactly what he is saying... it's simply magical!

Apollo the sunshine in my eyes... His magnificent spirit warms my heart and enlightens my soul each new day which enlightens me in unfathomable ways. He made going out in -2 degree weather this morning an absolute joy! What an amazing stallion he is! 'm still on cloud nine...

The power and love of Friesian stallion is like nothing on earth! I'm thankful beyond expression for my little slice of paradise! And I'm deeply grateful that dreams really do come true! 

~Carol Whitaker

Saturday, January 12, 2013


A Day in the life with Apollo... 

I had a sweet couple stop by to meet Apollo today who is going to breed their mare to him this spring. He was so cute! After I removed his blanket and brushed him down I took him out to our snow covered arena on a below freezing day to show off is amazing character and talents. As we entered the arena I took off his halter & lead rope and then began telling them about Apollo's phenomenal pedigree and background.

As we chatted before showing off my spectacular boy Apollo stood by my side waiting anxiously for my command, although he could hardly wait to play he stood proudly next to me.

As we began to show off his tricks he did so willingly and playfully. As I asked him to show off his amazing canter & huge trot he turned and ran and bucked as he was finally able to play. As he free lunged around me he would look into the eyes of his admirers and then on command he turned and came to me upon my asking.

He showed once again just what a majestic stallion he truly is! Oh how I love my precious Apollo! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">