Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Friesian Stallion

A Day in the Life with Apollo... 

Apollo melted my heart today, as usual... After my family Christmas festivities my husband and I went on a walk around our neighborhood, we walked down the street in front our barn. Apollo was in the turnout back next to our backyard on the opposite side of where we were walking.

As we were walking I called out to Apollo and he instantly look up to see where I was as soon as he saw me he came over as I walked up to meet him at the fence. As he came up to me he softened his big black eyes and put nuzzled my face with loves. After I gave him loves and continued on my walk he followed me as much as he could and then stood watching us as we walked away.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Prized Friesian Stallion

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Prized Friesian Stallion 

The photo above is my little slice a heaven... a trail to paradise that leads from my home to my barn which is the home of my beloved Friesian stallion, Apollo.

I had such a magical weekend with my sweet boy, Apollo, just spending time with him hanging out with him. I relished in the moments of him sharing lots of love and kisses with me. 

Last night when I brought Apollo in from our turnout he had snowballs under his hoofs (I need to have his shoes pulled), as I opened the gate to let him into the barn without a halter or lead rope I told him to walk slowly as he was walking on balls of snow and trying to keep his balance. As I spoke to him he looked deep into my eyes and intently listened to my every word... I felt his spirit connect with mine as he understood each word I spoke.