Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Friesian Stallion

A Day in the Life with Apollo... 

Apollo melted my heart today, as usual... After my family Christmas festivities my husband and I went on a walk around our neighborhood, we walked down the street in front our barn. Apollo was in the turnout back next to our backyard on the opposite side of where we were walking.

As we were walking I called out to Apollo and he instantly look up to see where I was as soon as he saw me he came over as I walked up to meet him at the fence. As he came up to me he softened his big black eyes and put nuzzled my face with loves. After I gave him loves and continued on my walk he followed me as much as he could and then stood watching us as we walked away.

Then this evening when my sweetheart and I went out to feed Apollo called out to us as we walked out our backdoor, and then trotted over the gate to await us. I had apples for him and wanted him to meet me at the fence in our backyard, so I called out "Apollo, come" he instantly turned and started walking to me, as I watched his black silhouette walk towards me in the darkness of the night and heard the icy snow crushing under his feet as he walked towards me upon my request, I was getting cold and wanted him to hurry so I asked him to trot over to me. Upon "clucking" he took it up a notch and trotted to me joyfully as he swung his gorgeous head softly back and forth with excitement.

Upon meeting me at the fence the light from our backyard light up his face as he looked upon me with eagerness and delight. As I rewarded him with the freshly cut apples which he loves, he then walked along the fence with me to the barn and then turned and trotted to the gate to meet me. After throwing hay and feeding supplements I went to bring in Apollo. As he waited for me patiently at the gate he greeted me with a love as he lowered his head to mine waiting for me to bring him in for the night. Then as we walked into the barn he stayed by my side the entire way as I walked him to his stall.

Apollo is truly a gift from above... There truly is nothing like the love and bond we share, it is magical! His magnificent spirit even on a cold winter's night warmed my heart and soul to my very core. He made my Christmas that much more special and memorable. I am thankful beyond measure for his love and light in my life, Apollo is a gift from above in every way...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Carol & Apollo 

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