Monday, December 9, 2013

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Prized Friesian Stallion

A Day in the Life with Apollo ~ My Prized Friesian Stallion 

The photo above is my little slice a heaven... a trail to paradise that leads from my home to my barn which is the home of my beloved Friesian stallion, Apollo.

I had such a magical weekend with my sweet boy, Apollo, just spending time with him hanging out with him. I relished in the moments of him sharing lots of love and kisses with me. 

Last night when I brought Apollo in from our turnout he had snowballs under his hoofs (I need to have his shoes pulled), as I opened the gate to let him into the barn without a halter or lead rope I told him to walk slowly as he was walking on balls of snow and trying to keep his balance. As I spoke to him he looked deep into my eyes and intently listened to my every word... I felt his spirit connect with mine as he understood each word I spoke.

Apollo giving me loves... xo
As I walked slowly next to him he took each step in stride with mine, keeping an eye on my every move. As we approached the breezeway his feet were sliding gently on the cement as he tried to keep his balance, as soon as I noticed how much more slippery it was I told him once again, "Be careful Apollo, it's very slippery, walk slowly sweetheart..." as I spoke softly to him he slowed down even more so and kept his eye laser focused on me for guidance an direction. He didn't even look over to see our mare as we passed by her stall...

I walked him ever so slowly as he followed me freely by my side until we arrived safely in his stall where the mats helped him regain his balance more securely once more. My sweet husband was there waiting to pick out his hooves as Apollo began to eat his evening meal... 

As my husband picked the snowballs from his feet I stroked his neck thanking him for listening to my every word, as I spoke lovingly to him he reached his beautiful head up to me and gave me a nuzzle on my face as he thanked me for caring for him. His love and tenderness enraptured my soul...

Once again, words cannot describe the joy and love my magnificent stallion brings into my life... Apollo's majestic spirit is like nothing I've ever felt before... He is truly a gift and light in life from above... 

I LOVE Apollo more than words can say... Not a day goes by that I don't count my many blessings for all that he is in my life. I am thankful beyond measure to have found my equine soul-mate, I couldn't imagine my life without his powerful spirit by my side...

Apollo truly is "What Dreams Are Made Of" XOXO

~Carol Whitaker 


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