Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Day to Remember with Apollo, My Friesian Stallion

A Day to Remember with Apollo ~ 
My Friesian Stallion

Apollo ~ Ster Friesian Stallion

I took Apollo to get collected today. He was such a good boy! He was also one highly potent boy--he had 17 billion sperm! 

After he was finished the vet tech put him in a stall next to another stallion while we did the paperwork. The other stallion and Apollo were huffing and puffing at each other through the bar divider to prove who was the superior stallion. Apollo was all wound up, so I knew I needed to get him out of there.... I walked into the stall to the other side of where he and the other frisky stallion were and called to him, he stopped to look at me and then calmly walked over to me. As the gentleman that he is, he stood perfectly still while I put his halter on and kept his undivided attention on me.

How many stallions that are in a middle of a confrontation with another stallion would turn and walk away to be with their human mom? Needless to say, that moment took my breath away... He didn't even look at the other stallion while I was standing next to him waiting for the vet to come and tell me the results of his sperm count.

Once again, words can not describe the spiritual bond Apollo and I share. our bond is what fairy-tales are made of... And for that, I am thankful beyond expression...

Apollo truly is, what dreams are made of! xoxo

 Carol & Apollo