Sunday, November 30, 2014

Playing with My Friesian Stallion: A Day in the Life with Apollo

A Day in the Life of Apollo ~ 
Playing with My Friesian Stallion

This is a short video of my beloved Apollo and I playing... I had just let him out to go play in our turnout, and this is a video my precious daughter caught of him frolicking as we let him to go run around. He has such a huge personality! You'd never guess he was a magnificent stallion! 

Apollo's the love of my life, next to my hubby and children. He's my equine soul-mate of which I am deeply grateful for. We have sooo much fun together!!! His loving and playful personality ignites my spirit beyond expression. I thank God each and every day for his majestic spirit in my life... 

Apollo truly is what dreams are made of! Xo