Friday, March 20, 2015

A Day in the Life with Apollo

Apollo & Carol Whitaker
Royal Grove Stables

A Day in the Life with Apollo

This evening was magical with my precious stallion, Apollo. While my children were hanging out with their friends, and my husband was at work, I went out to spend time with Apollo, to muck his stall. 

Mucking Apollo’s stall is always entertaining, as strange as that sounds, it really is. Because he follows me around like a puppy dog and communicates his love for me while I’m mucking away. Apollo's love and affection made this evening as magical and enjoyable as ever…

As I walked out my back door towards our barn, the sun was beginning to go down and the crisp evening air began to set in, it was a beautiful evening with only a few clouds in the sky. When Apollo heard me call out to him, I was welcomed with a loving whinny as he greeted me at his stall door. When I approached him, I gave him a love and fed him one of his favorite treats, a half of an apple.