Friday, March 20, 2015

A Day in the Life with Apollo

Apollo & Carol Whitaker
Royal Grove Stables

A Day in the Life with Apollo

This evening was magical with my precious stallion, Apollo. While my children were hanging out with their friends, and my husband was at work, I went out to spend time with Apollo, to muck his stall. 

Mucking Apollo’s stall is always entertaining, as strange as that sounds, it really is. Because he follows me around like a puppy dog and communicates his love for me while I’m mucking away. Apollo's love and affection made this evening as magical and enjoyable as ever…

As I walked out my back door towards our barn, the sun was beginning to go down and the crisp evening air began to set in, it was a beautiful evening with only a few clouds in the sky. When Apollo heard me call out to him, I was welcomed with a loving whinny as he greeted me at his stall door. When I approached him, I gave him a love and fed him one of his favorite treats, a half of an apple.
I then went to get the mucking bucket and shovel, all along, Apollo stood at his stall door, watching me as he waited patiently for my return. 

As I entered his stall, I gave him some more loves as I spoke adoringly to him, and then I went to work; I knew he would be joining me before long. Moments later, Apollo’s beautiful head appeared over my right shoulder as he gazed down to see what I was doing, as he often does. I giggled and talked to him while I was busy cleaning his stall. 

Then he walked around me and looked into the bucket to investigate what was in it. I love to muck his paddock with him, even though it takes twice as long  because he's always right there checking out what I'm doing or nuzzling me as I work. 

As I continued doing my chore, he followed me around his paddock happily, he loves it when I just hang out with him in his stall, even while I'm working. After a few minutes of watching me work as he stood by my side, he turned his beautiful head and placed it close to mine as he often does and looked deep into my eyes, his gaze pierced my heart as I felt his spirit connect powerfully with mine... 

His magnificent energy stopped me in my tracks as I felt him clearly express to me intuitively of his thankfulness and love for me. I stopped and looked into his eternal eyes as he gazed deeply into my eyes… It was magical! And then, he reached out and kissed me on my face, gently with softened eyes of pure peace and contentment. 

Then he reached down calmly and submissively as I pat his massive neck. He then walked off for a bit, only to turn around a few seconds later to come back to me... Once again, he placed his head on my shoulder and looked down to watch me fill the bucket. 

Just being with Apollo enriched my soul, I felt as though I was on cloud nine without a care in the world. I felt joyful and vibrant and full of gratitude for my majestic boy. 

Once again, my beloved Apollo enriched my life deeply with his love, devotion, trust and respect. What a wonderful way to end my day, spending the evening with my precious boy, Apollo. 

Apollo truly is What Dreams Are Made Of  

~ Carol Whitaker


  1. Sounds magical. I wish I had that kind of a bond with my horse. Please check your email.

  2. What do you mean by "I gave him a love" ?

    I just got my first horse today and I felt the most amazing connection from the moment I saw his ad! He totally respects me in the saddle and would jump over the moon if I asked him to! But on the ground I feel like he knows I am a little nervous.

    I have been riding for many years now, and am usually totally fine around horses but my boy is 16.3 and a little intimidating to be honest! I try to stand tall but he seems to come to close into my space. At the same time though, it is my first day with him, do I just have to wait longer for the bond?

    He is new into his surroundings so I don't want to wave my arms or spook him at all as I would really like him to feel comfortable in his new home... Help? :/

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