A bit about me...

I am happily married and a mother of three amazing children. I have been passionate about horses since I was a toddler--they're part of my spirit.  I have been riding for nearly 30 years.  I have been blessed with amazing horses that have richly blessed my family in countless ways.  We own Royal Grove Stables where we stud our my imported Ster Friesian stallion, Apollo. He's the most incredible stallion I've ever known. He's literally a gift from above; he's my equine soul mate. 

My horses and I have a spiritual connection, I can feel their spirits and hear their thoughts in my heart.  They have taught me lessons in life that will last forever, they are the greatest teachers of all.  I have been a horse trainer for several years, our schooling horse, Page, is a treasure.  She loves children ~ she is truly an amazing animal in countless ways.

I am passionate about life and love living life to the fullest! I believe in my dreams and Dream BIG DREAMS! I understand the power of the mind and cherish the gifts of co-creating my life with Heavenly Father.

Each day I begin and end my day with gratitude for all the bountiful blessings in my life. I look forward to my abundant future and the wonderful people and experiences I will have along the way.  I am sincerely thankful beyond words for the Lord's tender mercies in my life... Life really is so Good!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to learn more about me. 

Happy trails!

Carol Whitaker


  1. Carol, I would love to hear what happened in the transition (or evolution) of Xander to Apollo...

    I have a purebred Andalusian mare, and when she's ready I'd love to breed her with Apollo - his spiritual power shines out of his eyes and is the first thing that struck me.


  2. Thank you for sharing Apollo with me.....not sure how, but he speaks very powerfully to me thru his photos, and I too am in love with him and his majestic beauty!!!
    Do you ever travel to Iowa horse shows? Would love to just be in his presences for a time.
    bug hugs, deb

  3. I love horses just like you I have a blog to just go to www.bayleightheanimallover.blogspot.com