Royal Grove Stables


Equine Activity Release and Hold Harmless Agreement for Royal Grove Stables/Carol Whitaker, and any and all stable owners. By reading the advice on Royal Grove Stables blog you agree to release and hold harmless any and all interactions with horses.  Horses can be dangerous animals. Ride and train at your own risk. You are responsible for any and all interactions you have with your horse(s) or other's horse(s), Carol Whitaker and/or RoyalGroveStables and it's owners are not liable in any way for you or horse.

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  1. "when being saddled up." - is she telling you she has back pain? It could have started with a tender muscle and then the horse learnt she could move you away with aggressive actions. Test with a light stick; extending your arm this way will keep you safe and being at a distance will allow you to see her reactions easier. Being safer will also increase your confidence which will send your horse a positive message.